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As we have already seen, some older models will indeed work.All this means is that we will have to figure out how to upgrade without help from Panasonic.Just remember that what you do with your G1 in your own home is YOUR business and YOUR responsibility.Now, with the sloppy legalese out of the way, are you ready? Thanks to the XDA Developer community, the latest Google Android update is available now.Among other things, it includes Google Latitude, a location-based app that's created quite the stir among those with privacy concerns.

Using these same steps, I managed to update my firmware without a hitch.

We've already received several phone calls, emails, chats and Facebook messages asking if it's a good idea to upgrade to Windows 10.

While early reviews have been favorable, our advice right now is to hold off.

As expected, reports have begun to roll in of driver issues on Panasonic Toughbook laptops after installing the new Windows 10 operating system.

We saw the same thing happen with Windows 7 when it first came out.

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